At this moment, submissions and the conference are suspended due to unanticipated, inappropriate content making its way into the system. The VCQI conference had been set up such that the submission system was open to the public, reviews being performed by the community of submitters. We do not wish an unsuspecting community of scholars intending to share knowledge to have to risk being exposed to inappropriate content when attempting to perform the important function of peer review. The VCQI conference shall resume should a way forward be found.

Perhaps, however, a more successful model would be the self-initiated and self-directed proliferation of small decentralized, networks rather than the maintaining of a few large centralized networks. Though large, centralized networks are more vulnerable because they can only be few in number. Further, many small networks bound by shared values aren’t a sign of fragmentation in the community. Rather, it’s a sign of strength, a sign that we’re all capable of both leading ourselves and arriving at the same place because our shared value of bringing good to the world points us there from the outset.

Though our strategy may need to adapt, let’s be undeterred in our efforts, continue to do the good work that we do, and share knowledge to make a better world for all.