Submissions for the 19-22 November 2020 conference are open now.

Before submitting, please read our About page.

The deadline for submissions for the 19-22 November 2020 conference is 15 October 2020.

We invite traditional presentations, creative scholarly presentations, and scholarly short films (8 to 15 minutes).

For text-only submissions, please submit individual papers using the Individual Presentation form. Text-only panels should be submitted as individual papers, with the indication that they are part of a larger panel on the repository site itself. Submissions of videos (including audio-only) can be made for: 1. panels, roundtables, or workshops (60 to 80 minutes) or 2. individual presentations (8 to 15 minutes). Please use the respective forms linked to below.

If you experience issues, please write James Salvo at . Please include “VCQI” in the subject line.

Click here for Instructions.

Check out our Partners page for journals who’ve accepted our invitation to draw content from the conference and publishers who’ve accepted our invitation to cultivate relationships with potential authors from our list of presenters.