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A little birdie told me… about an immediate unit of mass.

“…nothing was lost when everything was given away.”

—John Cage, Silence: Lectures and Writings (p. 8)

Established 26 April 2020, The Virtual Conference for Qualitative Inquiry (VCQI) is a free online conference for qualitative researchers. It’s intended to offer an alternative to in-person conferences that can be expensive, non-inclusive, and harmful to the environment. It makes use of free online resources to collect, review, present, and archive submissions. VCQI is committed to being a free conference in perpetuity because it’s built from the belief that networking to share knowledge ought to be a public good.

The VCQI conference program is designed to be self-organizing and self-governing. VCQI itself has no director, nor does it have other positions that reproduce hierarchical relations of power within the organization. Further, VCQI has no treasury. Being a free conference, it collects no submission fees. It seeks only to create partnerships, and it accepts no paid sponsorships. Because the answer to the question of who should lead us is always anyone and everyone who’s genuinely committed to doing good, no one owns this conference. VCQI belongs to the community of people who’d like to participate. Why? Not only has there always been room for everyone with the aim of doing good, but if we’re even to hope for accomplishing our goal, it’s absolutely necessary that we all be included.

Starting November 2020, VCQI will run two times per year, once in June and once in November. Awards and mentoring programs are currently in development and will be announced soon. Further, for June 2021, we’ll be announcing at least one new venue regarding publishing opportunities for attendees. We currently have relationships with the journals and publishers listed on our Partners page, and we seek to continue growing the list.

Please come be at home with us. We’d love to share with you!